Apple iPad Encouraging Developers To Join App Frenzy

Analytics company Flurry has revealed that since the launch of Apple's App Store, 35,000 developer companies have jumped onto its bandwagon, releasing roughly 58 new apps daily.

The company which provides data related to smartphone apps to developers, has released the latest version of its 'Flurry Smartphone Industry Pulse' report which is published in the first half of each month.

The 35,000 odd developer companies have been divided into six different categories that include Native iPhone developers, who have developed nearly 20 percent of the apps on the App Store and Online and Traditional Gaming developers who have contributed 19 percent of the apps present on the store.

Interestingly, Flurry has also reported a spike in the number of applications on the App Store ever since the iPad tablet device, which runs on iPhone OS, was announced by the Cupertino based iPod maker.

Commenting on the rise of apps on the App Store, Peter Farago, Flurry's Vice President, wrote on the company blog, “Now, over six weeks since Apple announced the iPad, Flurry continues to measure a significant increase in iPhone OS new application starts within its system.”

Our Comments

The report has been compiled using data from the Flurry Analytics tracker which has been downloaded on almost 80 percent of all the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android apps.

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