Crucial pairs RAM with latest Intel CPUs

Memory maker Lexar has announced the arrival of a brace of RAM products specifically designed for use in servers powered by Intel's new Xeon processors.

The Crucial DDR3L memory modules are fully compatible and have been validated with the new Intel Xeon processor 5600 series CPUs.

DDR3L is the official name for JEDEC standard DDR3 low-voltage memory, which operates at voltages of 1.35v, as opposed to the 1.5v used by standard DDR3.

The new DDR3L memory is compatible with legacy DDR3 systems and will also run at 1.5v - although 1.35v voltages are only achieved when the overall system supports them.

According to Lexar, the new chip technology enables an overall memory subsystem power savings of up to 20 per cent over DDR3, and up to 40 per cent memory subsystem power savings over legacy DDR2-based servers.

The reduction in memory power consumption also reduces the cooling demands of the overall system.

DDR3L memory provides no-compromise performance compared to DDR3, and considerably higher throughput in comparison to DDR2.