Enterprises are gagging for Windows 7

A systems management company which was recently acquired by PC box builder Dell reckons companies are falling over themselves to upgrade to Windows 7.

A global survey of 923 people [Global? Is that it? Ed.] conducted by Dell KACE discovered that 87 per cent of IT professionals were planning to deploy Windows 7.

Surprisingly, almost half of the respondents said that they wouldn't wait for the release of the first Service Pack (SP1) which is due for release this summer.

The success of Microsoft's latest operating system would also seem to be bad news for the open source community as the number of firms considering alternatives to the Windows monopoly fell from 50 per cent in a 2009 survey to 32 per cent.

It seems that the company, like most of the rest of us, is trying to forget Vista ever existed. "These results reinforce what we are hearing from the customers we talk to everyday,” said Rob Meinhardt, president, Dell KACE. “Productivity gains associated with working in two windows at the same time, having an OS that works with proprietary technology, powerful encryption to protect credit card numbers and employee data, and connecting PCs quickly and easily to wired and wireless networks are among the big wins over Windows XP most often cited by our customers.”

Positive feedback from early adopters of Windows 7 also seems to have allayed fears about the operating system's stability with 41 per cent of those polled worried about crashing issues compared to 62 per cent in the same poll from 2009.