Exclusive : 12-Core Magny Cours Opteron As Little As £650

We've spotted the first 12-core Opteron "magny cours" processors in the UK and they will be on sale for as little as £649.38 including free delivery from online retailer oyyy.co.uk.

All things remaining the same, the most expensive of them, which carries the part number OS6174WKTCEGOWOF, is currently out of stock and should be available by the end of the month.

This 6174 model, which goes in a G34 socket, has 18MB L2 and L3 cache, HT3 and a TDP of 80W and costs £1011.31.

The second most expensive model is the 6172, part number OS6172WKTCEGOWOF, has a clock speed of 2.1GHz, a retail price of £859.62 and shares the same characteristics as the 6174. Now will you pay an extra £150 for 100MHz extra speed?

The cheapest part and potentially the most attractive is the 6168, part number OS6168WKTCEGOWOF, which ha a clock speed of 1.9GHz and a price of only £649.38, a full £362 less than the 6174. It sports the same specs as the two other members of the family.

The 6168 appears to be the best value out there and you will need to add 57 percent to its price to get yourself a 300MHz speed bump. Not worth it in our opinion.

Not worth it really. How does that compare to the Intel line up, well, we don't have the pricing for the Xeon 5x00 but we've seen that popular online retailer Aria is selling the i7 980x for £881. The processor has six cores, 12MB cache and runs at 3.33GHz.