Microsoft fails to learn iPhone lessons

Microsoft has ignored the weight of public opinion when it comes to mobile phones and announced that the first version of its new mobile operating system will be lacking in two vital areas.

When Apple launched the iPhone way back when, two of the most common short-fallings complained about by Apple naysayers were the device's lack of multitasking for third party applications, and its inability to copy and paste chunks of text.

Apple has long since fixed the text manipulation issue, and the company is widely expected to introduce multitasking in the next refresh of the hardware and OS predicted to be coming in June.

But it looks like Microsoft engineers have been looking the other way as the company has announced that neither copy and paste or multitasking will be included in the first iteration of the Windows Phone Series 7 operating system.

Tech blogs are alight with commenters saying that the omissions are "a deal breaker" and "mind boggling" and "stupid"... and those are just the complaints suitable for a family audience.

It does, indeed, seem mind boggling that a company which has a clear brief to put the iPhone in its place by making a better option, should choose to replicate two of the most complained about missing features in a device which has been killing the rest of the competition for years.

Looks like we could have another Zune on our hands.