Microsoft Leaves Cut & Paste Out Of Windows Phone 7 Series

Software maker Microsoft has announced that its soon-to-be-launched Windows 7 Mobile OS will not include the ability to cut and paste, as according to the company, users don't need it.

The announcement was made by the company during the MIX 2010 conference, where Microsoft was showing off the new features that will come with the Windows 7 Mobile OS.

According to technology website Cnet, Microsoft has deliberately decided to forgo the cut and paste feature, which is being featured in Windows phones , as the company believes that smartphone users don't require this feature.

Instead of the traditional cut and paste feature, Microsoft will offer users with 'smart linking' technology with which Windows 7 users will be able to double-click on phone numbers or emails, to add them in their address books.

Interestingly, the mobile version of Office 2010, which will come on Windows 7 Mobile, will also not have cut and paste options.

Commenting on the company's decision to exclude the options from its new OS, Windows Phone executive Todd Brix, said in a statement to Cnet that “We tried to focus on what the core use cases were. Certainly there will be some people that wont be happy with some of those decisions.”

Our Comments

Call me old fashion but Cut and Paste as well as shortcuts are part of what I consider to be Windows essentials. It is absolutely ludicrous from Microsoft to say that users do not require it and that some won't be happy about it.

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