O2 Starts Selling Reconditioned iPhone 3G From £25 Per Month

O2 has quietly started to sell reconditioned iPhone 3G handsets it seem for as little as £30 per month over a period of 24 months direct on their website.

The cheapest tariff includes a refurbished 8GB model with 100 minutes, unlimited texts, voicemail, unlimited WiFi and Data as well, all for £25 per month.

A shorter 18 month period is available for £30 per month, which brings the total cost of ownership for the iPhone 3G is £540 while the cost of the new iPhone 3G on PAYG is £349.

This is a £99 discount compared to when you buy the phone as new from O2. The mobile phone operator says that the reconditioned phones have been restored to their original state which they reckon is as good as new.

The device is covered with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty and comes with the UK mains charger and a SIM eject tool. O2 didn't say whether you'd get it in a brand new box and whether the phone will be in mint condition.

You can learn more about this great deal here. The iPhone 3G is the 2nd generation model that was launched before being superseded by the iPhone 3GS.