Panasonic USA sells out of 3D tellies

Panasonic said it sold out of 3D TVs in the US within a week of putting them on sale.

Hitoshi Otsuki, a senior managing director of Panasonic’s overseas operations, said in an interview in Tokyo yesterday: "It’s a great opportunity to turn around our TV business," Bloomberg reports. Panasonic wouldn't say how many tellies it had sold, however. It could just be half a dozen.

3D is seen as a saviour of both consumer electronics and technology industries this year. That fact is an indication that both industries have run out of ideas. 3D TV in the living room is a fad that will perhaps last as long as the World Cup finals.

Bloomberg quotes a Tokyo-based analyst Kota Ezawa, of Citigroup, who reckons the top manufacturers will flog about a million 3D TVs each this year. These will go to fat-walletted early adopters and - in the UK - to the likes of Sky TV. Then the market will fizzle out, we predict.

Panasonic's first 3D set in the US was a 50-inch high-def plasma jobbie selling for an asking price of $2,900.