Sony launches first Vaio netbook

Sony has finally announced its first foray into the netbook market under its premium Vaio brand.

The Japanese electronics giant is, however, insisting on calling the thigh warmer a mini notebook but we reckon of it swims like a netbook and quacks like a netbook it's probably a netbook.

The Vaio M Series has a 10.1-inch LED back-lit screen, is powered by an Intel Atom N450 processor and boasts a 250GB spinning platter hard drive. All of which adds up to a netbook 'round these parts.

The hardware comes in what looks like a semi matte black or white finish and weighs in at 1.4kg with the supplied six-cell battery. Windows 7 Starter comes pre-installed.

Graphics duties are carried out by an on-board Intel 1350 chipset so don't expect too much in the way of 3D gaming to be possible.

There's a Motion Eye camera, three (unspecified so we're assuming 2.0) USB ports, and all the wifi and Bluetooth connectivity you would expect.

All in all, no real surprises and nothing much to shout about, unless you are a massive Vaio fan.

Although Sony says the M Series is available right now, it hasn't specified pricing as yet, though DABS has them listed at £304 with stock due in one or two days.