Spotify signs up 1,000 paying punters a day

Music streaming service Spotify is picking up 1,000 customers willing to pay £10 a month for unlimited access to its huge library of online music.

Danile Ek, the annoyingly youthful CEO of Spotify, took to the Stage at South by Southwest in Texas today, according to PC Pro, and talked about a lot of things other than the expected US launch of the service which currently has 320,000 paying subscribers across six European countries.

That figure is, of course, dwarfed by the seven million users who use the 10 million-track service for free, but Ek insists they're not freeloading. "People label it as free, but it’s not – people pay with their time, listening to targeted ads and we’re seeing good results with those,” he said.

Ek put the delay of the rollout of the US version of the service down to the fearsome complexity of getting more than 5,000 music publishers on-board and keeping them all happy.

He also said that he was keen to move the service away from desktop computers and into as many mobile devices as possible.