Video games may turn boys into numbskulls

A study has shown that boys who are given a free games console would rather play games than do their homework or talk to their parents.

Whatever next? A study that shows that middle aged men would rather sit in front of the telly watching football than go shopping for curtains?

The study, which suggests that owning a games system could hamper academic learning in young boys, was carried out by beard-scratching shrinks at the University of Ohio. The boffins split a sample group of 64 six to nine-year-old boys into two groups and gave half of them a Playstation 2 games console.

The kids who got the free consoles spent less time doing homework, were slower to develop reading and handwriting skills, and spent less time talking about what they had done at school with their parents.

The study didn't take into account that the kids were probably sullen and unresponsive because they were given a crappy PS2 when all their mates have got shiny new PS3 consoles.

The study didn't include girls because they are rubbish at video games.