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Virgin Media Becomes Sixth Network To Sell HTC Desire

Virgin Media has announced that it will be stocking the HTC Desire, the Taiwanese manufacturer's version of the Google Nexus One, and one which will be accompany the GW620, the Galaxy Portal and the Xperia X10 as part of the Android armada coming to the network.

For now, the Galaxy Portal is the only one that's currently listed and comes with 250 minutes, unlimited data and text, all for £22 per month on a 18 month contact.

Techradar says that Virgin media will be offering compelling tariffs which means that they will at least do their best to match mobilephonesdirect's offer of £30 per month as offered by T-Mobile with 900 minutes, 500 text and unlimited mobile web; now that's a tall order.

The HTC Desire should land in the country over the next two weeks and all the major mobile networks have already announced that they will stock the phone. This contrasts with Nexus One's woes whose launch has apparently been postponed by Google.

Only Vodafone has been listed as the launch partners of Google Superphone and it will be interesting to find out whether the world's biggest mobile phone operator actually puts the Nexus One and the HTC Desire on the same tariff.

Furthermore, no news as to whether Virgin Media will be selling the HTC Legend or any other Android phones from the same manufacturer.