Bing Still Continuing To Grow At The Expense Of Google

The search market has been undergoing a small yet strategic shift in the past few months, with Microsoft’s new venture in search, dubbed as ‘Bing’, continues to sway millions of internet searchers worldwide.

According to the latest search market figures released by analytics firm Nielsen, Microsoft Bing’s market share in the US reached to an all time high of 12.5 percent in the month of February, registering a significant 15 percent hike from January 2010.

In terms of year-over-year figures, Bing again emerged as the top gainer with 1.5 percent hike in its share from the same period a year ago, while Google’s share declined by around one percentage point, though it still continues to reign over the domain with a gigantic 65.2 percent of the total share.

On the whole, the total number of searches in the US plunged by more than a billion in February, down to 9.18 billion from 10.27 billion registered in January, Nielsen added.

As far as number of searches is concerned, Microsoft Bing’s 12.5 share for February amounts to as many as 1.14 billion searches, whereas 5.98 billion searches were carried out using Google.

Yahoo’s market share in the US further declined to 14.1 percent in February, as against 14.5 percent in the month of January.

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Other search engines, including AOL Search and Search accounted for 2.3 percent and 1.9 percent of the US search market share respectively. Microsoft must be happy as if the trend continues, it will push Microsoft's share of the US search market beyond 20 percent by year's end.

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