Browser choice gives boost to Opera

Opera Software is putting out the bunting after downloads of its web browser more than doubled.

The jump in use happened as a direct result of Microsoft's monopoly being swept from under its feet by the European Union.

EU technocrats forced the Redmond massive to offer alternative browsers with a new splash screen and Opera was one of the big five included.

Opera is reporting that downloads of its software had increased by 153 per cent at the exact same time Microsoft was forced to offer the alternatives. What the bean counters at Opera didn't give us were any meaningful numbers.

At the end of the day a 153 per cent increase in users ain't all that great if you only have 13 users in the first place.

Whilst we wish Opera every success, and are more than delighted to see any small independent company getting a rush on the mighty Microsoft, we do wish these people would give us real numbers rather than mathematical spin and marketing cobblers.