Google Adds Super Fast Translation Feature To Chrome Browser

Search engine giant Google has rolled out an update for its Chrome web browser, which will now feature an automatic translation tool, that will allow users to translate websites into their native languages in less than a second.

According to a blog post on the Google Blog, the Chrome web page translation feature is based on Google Translate, which ensures automatic translations of web pages in quasi real time.

The new feature, which supports 52 languages, was previously in beta test version before being added to Chrome's stable channel.

Explaining the core working behind the feature, Darin Fisher, Software Engineer for Chrome browser, wrote on the blog post that “In Chrome, the language detection takes place in the browser, not on Google servers. If the page isn’t in a language you know, Chrome offers to translate it for you by sending it through Google Translate.”

Apart from the new translation tool, Chrome has been updated with new privacy features, which will now allow Chrome users to manage 'Content Settings' for manipulating browser cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins, and pop-ups.

The update also includes a new overview of Google Update technology, which will now allow the company to remove the unique ID tags from Google Update while letting it keep track of active users and supplying security updates from time to time.

Our Comments

Every little helps and the addition of automatic translation will mean that we'll need less trip to Google's own section. Chrome has become a major force in the browsing market thanks to Google's clout bu there is still some significant work to be done.

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