Google Launches Apps Migration Tool For Microsoft Exchange Users

In an attempt to siphon users from Microsoft's Exchange enterprise software, Google has unleashed the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange tool, which is designed to allow Exchange users to migrate to the cloud-based Google Apps for business in four easy steps.

As of now, Microsoft Exchange is being used by the majority of enterprise users, big and small, who use the software to send internal emails and emails. Exchange is also used extensively within the organisations to store and share contact.

Ever since Google came out with its Google Apps for Business, the company has been challenging Microsoft and every other enterprise software vendor with its set of sophisticated cloud based enterprise applications.

Earlier Google Apps users were able to sync with Microsoft exchange tools, which was later followed by a migration tool for Lotus Notes. But this time, Google has really stepped on some toes by launching an outright migration tool for Exchange software.

Interestingly, the search engine giant has had the migration tool in testing for a while now and has reported a positive response from its enterprise testers of the software.

The migration is available for free for users of Google Apps for Business or Education but not for the users of the Google Apps standard edition.

Our Comments

You can find more about the process on Google's official Enterprise blog. Microsoft may have to up its game if it doesn't want to see scores of enterprise customers moving to Google Land.

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