Google Set To Launch TV Set Venture?

After having an apparently successful run in the smartphone domain with its Nexus One, Google is planning to further extend its influence in the living room with a new collaborative project, codenamed as 'Google TV', which aims at providing native web access via next generation televisions and set-top boxes.

The New York Times is reporting that the search engine giant is striking partnerships with the chip mogul Intel, Japanese consumer electronics major Sony, and Logitech to kick off its ambitious project in the guise of Google TV.

The partnership would presumably help Google and Intel to take their computing dominance to an entirely new sphere, i.e. televisions, where the two have little influence.

Furthermore, it would also provide a lucrative opportunity to Sony, which has perceptibly been struggling to maintain technological edge while keeping the best-suited price tags in this highly competitive TV hardware market.

The collaboration foresees a novel breakthrough technology that would make accessing slew of web applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, as easy as hopping through TV channels.

However, Google, along with its partners, is seeking to explore the opportunity exists in the arena, by opening its new TV platform, which is based on its signature Android mobile operating system.

The search giant is expected to deliver a SDK for the outside programmers in the next few months and products sporting the technology could be shipped as early as this summer, the NYT reported.

Our Comments

While some existing set-top boxes do offer this feature to allow users to access web content, but the choice of the websites is restricted. Interestingly it should mark the first foray of Android beyond the mobile sector. Will be interesting to find out whether Chrome OS will filter through though.

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