IBM Pushes New Xeon Based Servers Out

Leading technology vendor IBM has updated its Intel-based server portfolio by dishing out seven new servers under its System X line of enterprise servers based on the memory enhancing eX5 chipset.

The server roll out by the Big Blue included the x3650 M3 and the x3550 M3, two new rack servers that are designed to offer 50 percent more memory and 60 percent more internal storage than their predecessors.

The company also added that the x3650 server is 50 percent more power efficient as compared to other servers. It's worth noting that IBM will be using the new Intel Xeon 5600 processors exclusively.

In its fresh server line-up, the company also included x3500 M3 and the x3400 M3 tower servers for enterprise users. Both the servers come with enhanced storage capabilities and power efficiency.

IBM has also introduced the BladeCenter HS22 and the BladeCenter HS22V servers that are designed to run virtualisation software and can handle 40 to 50 percent more workload than previous virtualisation server models.

Lastly, IBM also introduced the latest iteration of its iDataPlex server line, the dx360 M3, which is designed to enhance computer performance by 50 percent for high performance computing workload and has the ability to run 3000 operations per-watt.

Our Comments

The company explained in an statement that the servers are based on Intel's newly launched eX5 chipset which promises to reduce storage costs by 97 percent, reduce the number of servers required for multiple workloads by 50 percent and reduce the licensing fee by almost half.

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