Intel Eight-Core Xeon MP X7550 To Cost Under £600

AMD is in for a fight with Intel as the latter is set to launch its next generation octocore processor, the X7550 for as little as £585.01 if the figure disclosed by online wholesale retailer Ballicom is to be believed.

The device which is currently out of stock is also listed on a number of online wholesalers for roughly this price with a box part number BX80604X7550.

With a 2Ghz processor speed and a 3.2Ghz QPI bus frequency, the X7550 will be based on the Beckton Core come with 2MB L2 cache and a whopping 18MB L3 cache and will support four DDR3 memory slots per socket.

Other details gathered include a 45nm manufacturing process, Turbo Boost and Hyperthreading, SpeedStep technology and PCI Express 2.0 Interface onboard.

At 130W TDP, this baby will be dissipating more heat than AMD's 12-core Magny cours while running at the same speed and sporting slightly more cache.

Expect it to be be released within hours of the AMD flagship model; businessforce lists it as available from the 30th of March 2010. Note that the higher clocked X7560 will cost just above £610. Not only does it have a higher clock speed (2.27GHz), it also sports 24MB L3 cache.

Interestingly, if the price holds true, it means that you will be able to collect an eight core Intel server processor for less than the Core i7-970X, the latest six core processor from Intel, which costs around £800.