News@Five : Tories Broadband Risk, Piracy To Cut 1.2 Million Jobs, Chrome Translation Feature

Today in News@Five, we bring to you the crux of what is happening in the world of tech today; read on to know why Tories stand to lose the elections and what will make Steve Jobs smash his TV to pieces.

A recent survey conducted by an analytics firm has reported that UK's Conservative Party stands to lose out on votes from the rural constituencies held by them as the party has vowed to scrap the 50 pence per month tax on land lines which has been proposed by Labour government for funding the roll-out of broadband internet in rural areas across UK.

Business research firm TERA Consultants has warned that if online piracy is not curtailed by 2015, Britain stands to lose quarter of a million jobs in the creative arts industry while over one million media and publishing jobs will be affected due to piracy.

Meanwhile, search engine giant Google has updated its Chrome web browser with a new automatic web page translation which will translate web pages in any of the 52 supported language within a second. The update also includes new privacy options and Google Update features.

Google has also unleashed a free to download tool which will allow enterprise users of Microsoft Exchange to migrate to Google Apps effortlessly.