Spoof TV Comedy Series Set To Satirise Steve Jobs

The New York Times has reported that popular US cable channel Epix and Media Rights Capital studio are all set to develop a new comedy TV series 'iCon', which will be a satirical take on the life of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The two companies announced that the series, which will be written by Dan Lyons, is going to be “a savage satire centering on a fictional Silicon Valley C.E.O. whose ego is a study in power and greed.”

The writer, Dan Lyons, is a Newsweek IT consultant and is the creator of the extremely popular 'Secret Diary of Steve Jobs' fictional blog.

Dan Lyons, who was also written 'Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs - A Parody', will be working along side Emmy Award winning writer and producer Larry Charles, who has directed movies like 'Borat', 'Brüno' and 'Religulous'.

Interestingly, when the unauthorised biography of Steve Jobs has released, the CEO of Apple was so angry that he had decided to remove all the works published by John Wiley and Sons, the publisher of the book in question, from all Apple stores, online and off-line.

It will be amusing to see how the $1 salary CEO will react to the show, which will start airing in a few months time.

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Earlier, there had been reports of an authorised biography of Steve Jobs, to be written by the creator of biographies of known personalities like George Washington, but nothing is confirmed as of now. Expect Jobsy to be particularly miffed by the whole idea.

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