Tories May Lose Election In Broadband Deprived Counties

Data released by research company Point Topic has indicated that the Conservative Party stands to lose votes from its rural constituencies as they will be the last to get broadband internet if the Conservatives scrap the 50 pence per month tax on landlines scheme when they come to power.

The 50 pence per month tax on landlines scheme has been devised by the existing Labour government in order to fund the rural roll-out of internet across Britain, in an attempt to bridge the technology and communication gaps that have sprung up across the country.

The research conducted by the company studied 253 constituencies across Britain, which desperately require public money in order to get access broadband as companies like Virgin and BT are unlikely to offer their services in those locations.

Analysing data from the 2005 elections, research firm concluded that out the 253 constituencies mentioned above, Conservatives hold 138 of them while the Labour party only controls 63 seats.

Commenting on the results of study, Point Topic's chief analyst Tim Johnson said in a statement that “All the main parties agree that Britain needs superfast broadband. Where they differ is about how to deliver it to the rest of the country”.

Our Comments

The Conservative Party's oath the scrap the land line might actually be a serious factor in the upcoming elections. But it is likely not to play any role because of the fact that it might be overshadowed by other concerns like the economy, law and order etc.

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