2010 To Be "Most Exciting" In Asus's History

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus is quietly becoming one of the best known brands amongst technology buffs worldwide. We sat down with John Swatton a few ago to discuss about what 2010 will look like for the company as it promises that it will be the most exciting year ever for the company.

1. What is going to happen to the Asus/Intel WePC project launched last year?

The WePC has been a huge success worldwide. We continue to receive a high number of suggestions from a variety of enthusiasts. It is important that we continue to innovate – this is our ethos.

By listening to comments and suggestions from our customers, we are in an ideal position to understand what technology will help to empower them within today’s digital world.

The WePC project was initiated thanks to our relationship with Intel. This relationship is important to ASUS so the WePC project will continue for the time being (no plans have been made for ending the project).

2. Late last year, there were rumours about a potential acquisition of the laptop arm of Toshiba by Asus. What are the latest updates?

ASUS can neither confirm or deny any potential acquisition of Toshiba or any other company.

3. Where is the Asus/Garmin Nuvifone phone that was first announced back in 2008 and will Asus announce any further smartphone in 2010?

The Nuvifone project in the UK is not looked after by ASUS UK, but by Garmin.

4. Any updates about some of your more promising products (EEE family, gaming, servers etc)

ASUS’ 2010 roadmap is possibly the most exciting in their history. We are working on a number of very interesting projects. Some could possibly have as much impact on the IT industry as the original Eee PC. Our ethos is innovation and we certainly have no plans to sit back and watch what everyone else is doing. Our goal is to lead.

5. Smartbooks : Anything coming up soon? Why is it taking so long?

ASUS has long-term relationships with many partners in the industry and the ASUS R&D team is always involved with the latest technology developments. ASUS will officially announce new products when they are mature and ready for manufacture, with clear production plans.

Despite showing off a Snapdragon Eee PC concept at Computex last year, our CEO still believes that x86 architecture provides a better experience in a netbook design. Details can be found during a recent interview with Engadget.

6. Asus is starting to move away from its ODM/OEM status and starting to be more aware of branding, what impact might this have on its customers-cum-competitors.

ASUS are in their 21st year. Many people know the ASUS brand for high quality components. For us to continue to invest in our R&D and innovation, we need to grow our market share.

This is part of the Chairman’s ‘Giant Lion’ philosophy. It’s not just a case of being the strongest in your field, you must also have a large market share in order to sustain our ongoing investment in innovation and product development.

In some countries, such as the UK, we came to market much later than other brands. It is important that we communicate who ASUS are.

We need to raise not just the awareness of the ASUS brand, but also the perception. This is why you will see more and more products with the ASUS logo. Our vision is to bring all these products together as a way of empowering users in today’s digital lifestyle.

7. How do you see Asus by 2013?

Our target this year is to be a global top 4 vendor. Then top 3. ASUS have previously stated that their goal is to be top 3 by 2011. Beyond that we’ll have to wait and see but don’t count on ASUS taking it easy.