Amazon Quietly Releases Kindle eBook App For Mac

Online retail giant Amazon, has dished out the Mac version of its Kindle eBook reader software, in an attempt to tackle the threat poised by Apple's soon-to-be-launched iPad tablet, which is being looked upon as the Kindle killer.

The Kindle for Mac software, which is available for free download, will allow Mac users to purchase books from the Kindle book store for reading them on their Macs.

This move is designed to keep users hooked to the Kindle phenomenon despite of looming shadow of Apple iPad, which also doubles up as an ebook reader with its very own iBook store.

Expressing his views on the subject, Jay Marine, director at Amazon Kindle said in a statement that “For those customers around the world who don't yet have a Kindle, Kindle for Mac is a great way to instantly access and read the most popular new releases as well as their old favourites.”

Ever since its launch Amazon's Kindle ebook reader has met with phenomenal success as the latest financial results show that Kindle sales rose by 42 percent during the fourth quarter of 2009. The company claims that they sell 6 kindle books for every 10 physical editions of the books.

Our Comments

Amazon needs to make sure it is ready to tackle the oncoming threat of Apple's iPad device. Publishers will almost surely play one against the other in order to keep their margins high and their interests intact.

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