Apple Files Patent For iGroups Social Networking App

Apple Inc. has filed a new patent application with the US Trademark and Patent Office that relates to a new iPhone social networking application, called iGroups, which will allow iPhone users to create social groups during a conference, gathering or any other social event.

The patent filing document was discovered by Patently Apple, a blog dedicated to procuring patents filed by the Cupertino based iPod maker.

According to the scanned copy of the patent application posted on the blog, iGroups will allow friends or colleagues to create groups during conferences, concerts, parties or any other social gathering being attended by them, letting them stay connected with each other as a group, so that they can exchange comments or reviews while the event is taking place live.

The blog reported that the iGroups social platform will be powered by a 'sophisticated cryptographic key generation system' which will ensure that the conversations and the exchange of information taking place within the group stays private and secured.

Interestingly the service, which has not yet been confirmed by the company, will use iPhone's GPS technology in order to display the real-time location of the group members.

Our Comments

The move by Apple certainly means that, like Google, the Cupertino-based company is also moving into the location based services domain and a location based mobile ad platform from Apple is imminent, maybe courtesy of its Quattro Wireless.

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