Apple Locked In Negotiations Over iPad Content Deals

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Cupertino based Apple Inc., is still trying to secure deals from media companies, ahead of the April 3rd launch of its much-awaited iPad tablet device, which went up for pre-ordering last Friday.

Citing several sources familiar with the matter, an article on WSJ reported that the company is desperately trying to secure media content deals with production houses, newspapers and books publishers along with other media content providers, as the 'potential collaborators' are still trying to determine whether they should partner with Apple or not.

One of the sources, speaking to the Journal, said that the company was far away from securing a deal with media companies, which might allow future iPad users to download TV programs at a lower rates.

Meanwhile, the company, which revolutionised the way people listened to music by its iPod device, has not even managed to strike deals with newspaper publishing houses for providing content for the device, as it was promised by Steve Jobs at the unveiling of the tablet device in January.

Interestingly, Apple has managed to sell a significant amount of iPads ever since its pre-order process began and some people familiar with the matter have reported that the device has the potential to sell more units in the next three months than the popular iPhone.

Our Comments

Apple's iPad is nothing without the quality content. This is why the company will have to make sure that it succeeds in striking deals with as many content providers as possible. Unlike the iTunes though, this seems to be an altogether more difficult process now.

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