Google Moving Out Of China In April Says Report

Search engine behemoth Google is most likely to close shop in the People's republic of China in April, after the company's demand for a censorship free environment was not met by the government, an article on Bloomberg has reported.

The US-based business news website, cited a report on China Business News, which claimed that a Google China sales agent had let it slip that the company plans to announce its exit on 22nd March along with the plans for its China employees.

Google, which is rumoured to quit China on April 10th, has declined to comment on the reports of a possible announcement regarding its departure from the country, which has been criticised the world over for its harsh internet censorship policies.

The company has apparently decided to leave the country following cyber attacks on its corporate infrastructure, which were found to be originating from China. Ever since then, the news of the attacks have sent the world in an uproar with dialogues on internet freedom being initiated on a daily basis.

China, however, has decided to stand its ground and duly defend itself even as prominent leaders from across the world have come together to promote freedom of speech and information on the internet.

Our Comments

Google deliberate move away from the world's biggest market could be a devastating blow for the search behemoth, one which could provide Microsoft with an unexpected competitive advantage on its archrival. This could also mean that Baidu will become the biggest Chinese internet company - it is up by more than 6 percent.

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