UK Internet Security Significantly Better Than Rest Of Europe

In what comes as a sigh of relief to many who have been wary about the vulnerability of the UK’s cyber infrastructure, a recent parliamentary investigation has claimed that the UK’s internet infrastructure is better placed to withstand intrusions than many other countries in Europe.

In a report released on Wednesday, a House of Lords Committee noted that the country’s essential utilities, banking, as well as government systems are well off to deal with cyber attacks and natural disasters.

However, the committee expressed concerns that the security loopholes in the cyber infrastructure of other member states could prove to be perilous for the UK systems.

Citing the same, the committee’s chair, Lord Jopling told ZDNet that “In the cyber-world, an attack on one country can affect another. Some countries are not as well prepared as the UK, and here we see a role for the EU to play in bringing up countries with deficiencies to the level of the UK.”

In addition, Lord Jopling called for more comprehensive collaboration between the EU and NATO on the issue of cyber security, and asked the Government to think globally in this context.

“The EU and NATO have similar interests in defence against cyber-attacks and work in similar ways, yet there is virtually no communication between them. There must be co-operation rather than duplication”, he said.

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Besides, a source familiar with the report asserted that a few Eastern European countries do have critical vulnerabilities in their cyber security infrastructure. However, the source didn’t give out the name of such countries.

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