Virgin Media To Demo 200Mbps Broadband Line

Virgin Media has revealed that it will be showcasing its 200Mbps broadband service at the forthcoming Ideal Home Show 2010 in Earl's Court which starts tomorrow and ends on the 5th of April.

Britain's fastest internet service is currently being tested in Ashford, Kent and has been installed in some households in the region since last summer. Coventry is also set to be included in the trials soon.

The cable company has also announced that it will will be launching a 100Mbps line before the end of the year.

Virgin Media executive director of brand and marketing Ashley Stockwell said in a statement that "Ultrafast broadband like our 200Mbps service, will enable a whole household to enjoy cutting-edge entertainment, not just via computers, but through an array of gadgets all over the home".

The operator unveiled a new V HD box earlier this week that will be gradually replacing existing set top boxes while offering free access to HD content from Virgin Media.

It will also be collaborating with American PVR behemoth, TiVo, to bring a range of products that will be launched later this year. This comes as Virgin Media gears up to snatch more market share from its arch rival, Sky.

It has also drawn plans that could see its engineers put fibre optic cables on poles in rural areas to improve access to fast broadband nationwide.

Our Comments

Virgin Media can decide to crush the competition overnight with faster speeds overnight. Already its 50Mbps service is UK's fastest and should Virgin Media decide to roll out its 100Mbps by year's end for the same price as its 50Mbps, expect a number of customers to move upstream.

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