£400 Lenovo ThinkPad X100E Laptop

The ThinkPad X100e is cool, confident, with a slick design and bold color options. But make no mistake, the X100e is all ThinkPad - reliable, rock-solid and well-equipped. Best of all, it's the most affordable ThinkPad ever!

Looking to take your business life with you wherever you go? The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e is an affordable ultraportable that’s designed with your business needs in mind.

Whether you’re in the workplace or on the move, you want your laptop to make life easy for you. The X100e comes with an energy-saving AMD Athlon processor alongside a speedy 2GB RAM, so it’ll give you optimum performance on all your work applications for hours on end.

Free yourself from the office wall-socket and complete your work whenever and wherever.

The X100e is an ultraportable laptop, so it offers all the performance of a standard laptop alongside the mobility of a netbook; it’s the ideal combination.

The 11.6” non-gloss screen offers the perfect compromise between size and usability, delivering bright, clear visuals in a brilliantly mobile chassis. When your work’s done you can shut the lid and be on the move in an instant.

Want to keep all your documents with you when you’re away from the office? With the X100e you can access all your files regardless of where you are; the spacious 250GB hard drive offers more than enough room for everything you could need in your work environment.

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