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BBC iPlayer Pulled Record Numbers In February 2010

Figures revealed by the BBC regarding its iPlayer service show that the popular video on demand service has shattered all previous records when it comes to TV programme requests.

A staggering 1.4 million users on average tuned in on a daily basis to download or stream content through one of the numerous platforms currently available. In total, 116 million requests were made for TV and Radio services.

That is slightly less than the 120 million requests clocked in January 2010 but February was a shorter month anyway. Also worth noting is the fact that 1.1 million viewers logged online to watch Stacy revealed that she killed Archie in Eastenders.

The BBC also said that on average each iPlayer user watched 64 minutes of TV programmes per week while radio listeners consumed 163 minutes of content over the same period.

More than 20 different devices can play iPlayer content including the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii. Both clock four percent of the total usage of the iPlayer showing the BBC backed VoD is a truly universal platform when it comes to coverage.

The BBC is also set to build on the success of the iPlayer to launch Project Canvas, a VoD platform, with the help of Channel 4, ITV, Five, BT and Talktalk. The project has been heavily criticised by Virgin Media and Sky.

Our Comments

iPlayer has established itself as the main video on demand player on the market. It is set to make a splash on global scene one day. The three-year old project, which came courtesy of Ashley Highfield (now at Microsoft), has been one of BBC's most successful projects of the last decade.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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