Marvell takes $99 tablet to schools

Marvell has shown off the prototype of a tablet computer that will sell for less than a hundred bucks.

The small-chip outfit raised a few eyebrows with its promise of an always-on, high-performance, multi-media tablet powered by its Marvell Armada 600 processors and capable of 1080p video, gaming and Flash compliant Internet access.

The tablet, named Moby, was unveiled by Marvell Co-founder Weili Dai at the Future of Publishing conference in New York City.

Dai reckons the tablet will sell by the shedload in the education market - priced at $99. It is a technology whose time had come, she said.

Marvell has as yet produced no pictures of the device. The only hint we have is from the picture taken by Harry McCracken at Technologizer who attended the conference.

In a statement, Dai identified the need for an, "all-in-one device that gives students access to the best live content, information and resources the world has to offer — from books and online sources, in text, video, news, music, data expression or any medium.

"With Moby tablet, students can conduct primary research, reach out directly to the world's leading subject experts and even collaborate with one another around the globe. Best of all, the device is highly affordable."

Marvell reckons the device - or something like it - will replace traditional text books and an array of other tools.