BitDefender Upgrade Kills Microsoft Windows

A recent security update released by anti-virus software BitDefender has caused 64-bit Windows operating systems to crash and unable to reboot after the anti-virus allegedly deleted important Windows files, which were identified as Trojan.FakeAlert.5 malware by the software.

The Romanian company behind the anti-virus, Softwin, has apologized for the problematic update bug and has asked affected users to run Windows System Restore or reboot using the ‘last known good configuration’ option.

Softwin wrote on its website that “We are very sorry for the problems people may have had in regards to this issue” and has released separate instructions and fixes for the users of BitDefender 2010 and BitDefender 2009, BitDefender Business Client and BitDefender Security for File Servers.

Interestingly, the nature of the faulty update caused the software to read important Windows and the software’s own files as a known malware called Trojan.Fake.Alert5.

The systems crashed when users restarted the system after the software deleted the files to quarantine. Those users who did not restart there systems have been advised to store the files in the software’s quarantine area until they have installed the patch provided by the company.

According to the company, the anti-virus software deleted Windows files which came with the extensions of .exe, .dll, and other binary file types.

Our Comments

Issues like this happen often, it is essential though that companies like Softwin have a contingency plan for when things go wrong. Issue a press release, communicate with the press and other stakeholders etc.

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