EA Criticised For DRM Fiasco In C&C4

Popular game developer Electronic Arts (EA) has been criticised by users after the DRM tool used to secure the latest Command and Conquer game caused the game to crash, prohibiting hundreds of users from enjoying the game.

Command and Conquer 4 comes with a sophisticated Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution embedded within it, which requires users to stay connected to the internet at all times, even when the game is being played in single player mode.

The DRM tool has been put in the game in order to curb the piracy of EA titles, which has plagued the company for a long time.

The game collapsed after its DRM tool was repeatedly attacked by people wanting to break the restrictive and seemingly disruptive DRM tool, causing the game to crash, making it inaccessible for hundreds of users.

The trend of embedding PC games with DRMs has not been received well by users, who believe that the game developers are trying to invade their privacy by keeping track of their gaming schedules and prohibiting them from using the game DVDs as they wish to do so.

Incidentally, Ubisoft’s PC version of its highly popular Assassin Creed’s 2 game also comes with a DRM tool which has made the game almost useless for those who don’t have a continuous access to an internet connection.

Our Comments

DRM is a necessary evil some might say especially when one browse through piracy figures. That said, games aren't exactly cheap, but there is anecdotal evidence that even if prices were reduced significantly, piracy wouldn't decrease significantly.

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