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Facebook News Readers More Loyal Than Google News Users

After surpassing Google as the most visited site in the US in the second week of this month, Facebook has added yet another medal to its tally, as the social networking site is reportedly have more loyal news readers than that of Google News, according to a recent study.

A new survey conducted by the analyst firm Hitwise found out that a majority of the news readers consider Facebook a better source for accessing news than Google’s own news portal.

Based on the click stream data for the week ending March 6 for five topmost news media sites, Hitwise discovered that as many as 78 percent of the users returned to Facebook for accessing more news stories, as compared to 67 percent Google News users.

In addition, 77 percent users of the social networking platform came back to the site to broadcast online news portals there, while only 64 percent of the Google News users returned to the site for the same.

Heather Hopkins, a senior market analyst for Hitwise, commented: “A few weeks ago when I posted my blog entry about Facebook being the largest news reader, I received a few comments and emails noting that visitors aren't as valuable if they don't come back. Advertisers and retailers need some assurance that visitors will return again and again.”

Our Comments

Interesting case study, one which shows that Facebook is emerging as a powerful portal on its own. The site is also set to become the biggest website in the world by next year if it grows as quickly as it did over the last few years.

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