German Government warns about Firefox flaw

A German government department called Bürger Cert had warned that users of the Firefox web browser should not run the software.

Mozilla's Firefox has an unpatched Zero Day vulnerability in version 3.6 and German users are being told to use another browser until the hole is plugged... in eight days!

All browsers are exposed to security risks from time to time, what with an army of 'security experts' who work for anti-virus companies constantly poking holes in them.

If someone spent all day kicking your garden fence and then knocked on your door to ask you if you'd like it repaired, you'd probably punch them right up the hooter. Jumping from one browser to another every time someday shouts 'virus' is unnecessary and counterproductive in our book.

The German government recently joined their cheese-eating surrender monkey neighbours in insisting that using Internet Explorer could be harmful to the health of computers.