Gold Rush As Apple Sets Deadline For iPad App Submission

Apple Inc., the company behind the blockbuster iPhone device, has started accepting applications developed specially for its much-awaited iPad device, due for an April 3rd launch.

The company, which has given a March 27th deadline to developers for submitting applications for iPad, will review the applications which will then feature on the iPad App Store.

Interestingly, industry experts believe that the new iPad App Store will be instrumental in triggering another 'App Gold Rush', which first took place when the hugely popular iPhone App Store was launched by the company in 2007.

The iPhone App Store, which recently crossed the three billion download mark, had resulted in several companies scrambling to develop applications for the popular smartphone, allowing them to offer their services through the device.

However, the New York Times reported that several of the iPad app developers have not actually seen the device, but have developed them using an emulator which provides them with an user interface similar to that of an iPad.

The popular newspaper publication also reported that companies that offer their own eBook devices including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, have started work on eBook reader applications for the iPad, despite the fact that Apple will be launching its own eBook store.

Our Comments

May the count down start then. The iPad may be successful in absolute terms but we still believe that it will not be as overwhelming as Apple is expecting it to be. We are not sure that the market is ready for yet another format, especially one which has been tried and tested before.

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