Google To Introduce Opt Out Browser Plug In For Analytics

Apparently adhering to its popular “be no evil” motto, the search behemoth Google is working on a plug-in for its signature web analytics service that will enable users to opt out of being tracked by the service, it has been emerged.

Amy Chang, group product manager for Google Analytics, asserted that the engineers at Google have been working on “finalising and testing” the plug-in tool designed to allow users to safeguard their privacy on the web.

Citing the same, Chang quoted in a blog post: “As an enterprise-class web analytics solution, Google Analytics not only provides site owners with information on their website traffic and marketing effectiveness, it also does so with high regard for protecting user data privacy”.

She further went on to say that the web search company has been rigorously working on finding ways to offer users more choices on how their info is gathered by Goggle Analytics service.

Expected to be available to users worldwide in the coming few weeks, the new plug-in tool could be seen as Google’s response to surging concerns over grumblings that the company has increasingly been infringing on users’ privacy.

Incidentally, a Harvard Law School student has recently filed a class action legal suit against Google accusing that its new social networking service, Buzz, breached her privacy.

Our Comments

Allowing users to log out of Google Analytics is a bit controversial because it will defeat the purpose of having the service in the first place. GA is supposed to allow publishers like ITPP to monitor anonymously who comes to their websites and provides them with accurate data that is used to get advertisers onboard.

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