iPad developers kept in the dark

Software developers who want to have a fiddle with Apple's overgrown iPod are having to comply with the company's paranoid non disclosure demands.

According to Business Week, anyone who wants to make software for the self-proclaimed game-changing device will have to do so from a room with blacked out windows. Not only that, the iPad must also be permanently chained to an immovable object.

Companies wanting to get their hands on the soon-to-be-released tablet computers have to supply photographic evidence that they are complying with the housing arrangements as well as signing a ten page non-disclosure agreement which prevents them from leaking any of the technical specifications of the hardware.

Apple is notorious for the lengths it will go to to protect its intellectual property, even going so far as to send out deliberately altered products in order to find the source of leaks.

Anyone caught breaking the NDA would, of course, be excommunicated from the Church of Apple.