Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus To Go On Sale At AT&T

AT&T is set to introduce two Palm smartphones the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus after Verizon Wireless and Sprint. The mobile operator has also announced the introduction of the Dell Aero, also known as the Mini 3.

Palm has been under fire recently after dismal sales drove the price of its shares significantly down; the company lost nearly 26 percent of its value over the past few days prompting rumours that Palm might be the target of an unsolicited takeover.

Both phones will be available in the forthcoming months and AT&T has stressed the fact that it is the only US carrier that offers devices "representing all major OSes". It now sells the iPhone OS, Palm OS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian devices.

Palm has a limited windows of opportunity as the iPhone has yet to be released and Windows Phone 7 Series devices are still a blip on the radar. One can expect Palm to release an update version of the Palm Pre sometimes this year to keep up with the competition.

Palm chairman and CEO Jon Rubinstein explained that "AT&T and Palm have a history of smartphone leadership, and today's announcement is a significant milestone for us".

The Pre Plus is expected to go on sale for $150 with a two year contract plan and a $100 mail in rebate while the Pixi plus will cost $50 with the plan. It will be interesting to see whether three networks will help Palm sells more.

Our Comments

Palm is in a very precarious situation and could potentially be swallowed by another bigger company - we suspect Dell - before the end of the year. Palm like many others has been a forerunner in a number of fields. We fondly remember the Palm Pilot but times have changed.

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