IBM landed with fresh EU anti-trust claim

French open source mainframe outfit Turbo Hercules has filed an anti-trust complaint against IBM with the European Commission.

Paris-based Turbo Hercules accuses Big Blue of denying customers the ability to run IBM's mainframe operating system on anything other than IBM kit.

The firm said it filed its complaint with the European Commission's competition directorate general in Brussels this morning, after it 'became apparent' to the company that IBM's efforts to protect its mainframe monopolies extended to open-source solutions.

"IBM is preventing customers from using Hercules by tying IBM's mainframe operating system with IBM hardware. This conduct prevents Turbo Hercules from providing its product to mainframe customers desiring an open-source solution," said the company's chairman and co-creator Roger Bowler.

"Turbo Hercules is by no means anti-IBM," said Bowler. "We originally wrote to IBM requesting that it license its mainframe operating system to customers, on reasonable and fair terms, for use with Hercules in certain circumstances."

He added: "Our only hope as a small company was to file a complaint with the European Commission."

IBM said it is considering its response.

The Big Blue giant is already being investigated by the US Department of Justice over claims that is abuses its dominant market position to put the squeeze on competitors.