IBM LotusLive Goes From Strength To Strength

IBM’s LotusLive Cloud Service suite has received a major boost in the past couple of months, as the company has signed up agreements with as many as 200 channel partners in the last two months to sell the service.

The LotusLive Service is a complete collaboration suite meant for SMB space with its features includes instant messaging, email, file sharing, conferencing, project tracking feature, as well as relationship management.

It also offers all the standard benefits to the SMBs involving scalability and low TCO and some might say that it is a more complete competitor to Google Apps.

Interestingly, IBM is pitting the LotusLive suite as a replacement to the Microsoft’s Windows Essential Business Server, which has been called off by the software company, as well as an obvious option to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite, which include SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, along with other SaaS-based apps.

LotusLive, unlike its rivals like Google Apps, can be deployed in both cloud-based and on-premise versions. While IBM is investing heavily in its cloud-based offerings, its on-premise Lotus Foundation has its own significance.

Additionally, Big Blue has announced a major boost to LotusLive in the form of integration of DB2 Express database software into it. There will be no restrictions on database-size, number of users, or databases per server.

Our Comments

IBM LotusLive might be Big Blue's secret weapon in the fight for domination in the realm of cloud computing services. Microsoft may also significantly upgrade online Office next year depending on market conditions. We suspect that we will see much more vibrancy in that market in 2011.

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