Mozilla Upgrades Firefox To v3.6.2

Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox browser, has dished out the Firefox 3.6.2 a week before the due date after the German government released a warning highlighting a major security flaw in Firefox 3.6 web browser.

The security flaw in the browser was reported by the German government along with Mozilla, warning users about the security hole, which could allow hackers to install malicious codes in the users' computers.

Reports have confirmed that the BurgerCERT team of the Federal Office for Information Security had advised users to stop using the browser until the company had released a tried and tested patch for the security flaw.

After it was discovered that the vulnerability in Internet Explorer had aided hackers to attack the corporate infrastructure of Google and other companies, governments around the world have become overtly conscious about the security offered by web browsers.

However, now security experts have confirmed that switching the web browser may not be a wise thing to do as the other browsers might have the same or a different type of vulnerability.

Commenting on the issue at hand, senior technologist at security firm Sophos, Graham Cluley, told the BBC that “My advice is to only switch from Firefox if you really know what you are doing with the browser you're swapping to. If you stick with Firefox, apply the security update as soon as it's available.”

Our Comments

Mozilla's reaction has been what one might have expected. Prompt and very straightforward, which means that the whole should in theory cause minimal disruption worldwide. Firefox users are normally quite computer literate which means that they're likely to update quite often.

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