MWC survey : SMS & MMS are back on CENTRE stage

A survey conducted by Derdack from randomly selected visitors at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona back in February, showed that the relevance of SMS and MMS messaging services and application is not in decline; rather the opposite is happening.

One third of the survey participants stated that they have SMS and MMS projects running while 31% say they have projects planned in the mobile messaging space. Of the planned projects 42% are new projects.

This clearly proves the relevance of SMS and MMS in mobile business has not diminished and is in fact rising. 27% of participants stated that their organizations are planning to extend existing platforms and services.

That includes 8% of organizations replacing existing platforms indicating that there is a healthy market for legacy replacement systems.

What are the promising and potential future services and applications in the mobile messaging space? According to the survey 45% of the organizations believe that mobile marketing holds the biggest potential for growth.

For 39% mobile payment & money transfer is a highly promising application of SMS and MMS technology.

32% believe that social networks belong to the high-potential SMS/MMS application areas and it will be interesting to see how this figure changes next year given the continual ‘buzz’ around social networking.

Almost one quarter of the survey participants sees huge growth potential in SMS & MMS-based rural and local community services.

Survey participant demographics were pretty similar to the overall MWC demographics with 50% coming from Europe, 17% from Asia/Pacific, 13% from the Americas, 12% from Africa and 8% from the Middle East.

Similarly overall job function structure matched MWC trends with 16% of the participants C-level executives and 40% VP and Director-level.

While my first recent comment on this topic was rather driven by gut feelings there is now some hard evidence of a stronger focus of mobile business players on “good old” mobile cash cows such as SMS/MMS.

Mobile operators are well advised to have a closer look on how to capitalize on mobile messaging with innovative applications, services and platforms.