News@Five : Firefox Update, Cash Gordon Crashed, Google Says Adios To China, Microsoft IE Shares Dropping

Here's the low down on the technology news doing the rounds today including the new Firefox security update, the Conservative party's website being hacked and Google's defiance of China's censorship laws.

The Cash Gordon website set up by the Conservative party has become the victim of a cyber attack by hackers, who redirected the sites visitors to pornographic websites, by using a security loophole left behind by the developers of the website.

Search engine giant Google has done what it had been threatening to do for the past two months, by closing down its China operations and redirecting users to a server in Hong Kong, offering Chinese users uncensored search results.

The move has been severely criticised by the Chinese government, which accused Google of breaking the promise it had made before entering the country.

Meanwhile, Google's AdWords platform has been cleared of a trademark case by the European Union Court of Justice, but the regulator has told companies that they can ask Google to stop using their trademarks in some circumstances.

Microsoft has seen a sharp drop in its European web browser market share ever since the company was forced to provide European users with a browser ballot screen after Opera software had complained to the European Commission last year.