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Nintendo 3DS Console Promises 3D Without Glasses

Nintendo has announced that it will sell a new gaming console called the 3DS that will be an evolution of the current uber-popular DS console and will support support 3D games.

What's even more impressive, according to what the Japanese manufacturer disclosed, is that you will not need to wear any funny sunglasses or consume the kind of mushrooms that sends Super Mario up in the air.

Apparently, it will be using a parallax barrier LCD developed by Japanese firm Sharp which oddly doesn't have a 3D LCD Television in the wings. That might possibly be because the technology is deemed almost useless when used at distances greater than a foot or so.

What's more, the player will have to be positioned within a well defined area in order to experience the 3D effect that will be the console's forte/USP.

According to some sources, the technology is better suited for small screens and reckon that the 3DS will have a screen size smaller than 4-inch. There's also a distinct possibility of seeing this 3D technology rolled out on smartphones as well.

Other tidbits that have emerged about the device include the inclusion of a "3D control stick" that Nintendo patented last year, a vibration function, WiFi, improved battery life as well as a compatible cartridge solution that means that older games will still be compatible with the 3DS.

Our Comments

The promising portable gaming console is set to debut towards the end of the first quarter of 2011 and may even feature at next year's Las Vegas CES 2011 event. As one market analyst put it, the technology could truly bring 3D to mass market and could become even more successful than the Wii.

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