Sandisk Launches 32GB microSD Card

Storage specialist Sandisk has unveiled the world's first commercially available 32GB microSD card; it's smaller than a human nail and yet can store more than 22,000 floppy disks.

The availability of such a card means that smartphones like the Nokia's N900 will be able to offer as much as 64GB worth of onboard storage although this will come at a hefty price.

Sandisk says that it will carry a suggested retail price of $200, which is roughly five times more than similar 16GB microSD cards - which means that it is cheaper to buy two microSD cards (ed : smartphone makers should bundle two microSD readers instead).

Wired underlines the fact that the card which weighs 500mg - and is only 1mm thick - is worth 11 times its weight in gold (ed : this puts in almost on par with printer ink). Sandisk has used a new 32nm manufacturing process to achieve this feat.

More than 170 devices have been certified for it but we expect this figure to be much higher; moving further however will require a hardware refresh and the next step is likely to be 64GB and possibly a new standard as well microSDXC.

The card will be available soon from Sandisk in the US and Europe while customers in the rest of the world will have to wait until April.

Our Comments

We reckon that this could be the end of the line for the SD card format as it is simply too "big". The rest of the competition will also start launching such cards soon although it will be some time before 64GB microSD cards come to market.

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