UK Retailers Vow To Stop Selling Energy Guzzling Television Sets

Eight British retailers including the likes of Marks & Spencer, DSGi, Comet and John Lewis have confirmed that they will stop selling television sets that consume too much energy.

The group, which accounts for more than half of television sets sold in the UK have joined the DEFRA and the Energy Saving Trust to encourage and educate their customers.

The move comes 80 days before the start of the next World Cup which, by some estimates, could trigger the sale of more than 1.6 million television sets, most of them, large screen, high definition models.

Figures released by the EST show that some television could cost as much as £75 a year in terms of electrical consumption, while those who will be approved by the Trust will cost only £33 to run.

The retailers are also pre-empting the introduction, in July 2012, of a slew of regulations across Europe that will ban the sale of inefficient television sets.

Commenting on the announcement Environment minister Dan Norris declared that "With a World Cup around the corner when we know some people will be thinking of buying a new TV, it's great for them to know that the models sold by these retailers will save them money on their energy bills and help the environment."

Our Comments

The move marks the end of traditional Plasma sets and some LCDs as well. Newer television sets will also have smarter energy management solutions like intelligent standby modes and the ability to run cooler and display bright colours while requiring less power.

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