USB 3.0 mobos hit three million mark

Maker of motherboards Gigabyte has announced that it has shipped a million motherboards equipped with the new USB 3.0 superspeed interface.

The Taiwanese company says it now holds one third of the market which, according to our maths, means that three million USB 3 mobos are currently in circulation.

"Reaching the one million USB 3.0 products mark is a testament to Gigabyte’s strategy of innovating for the high-end product category, and then driving those innovations down through our product line quicker than our competitors in order to boost sales volumes," said Gigaboss Henry Kao. "Today, one out of three superspeed USB platforms on the market feature a Gigabyte motherboard because we have a top-to-bottom range of desktop motherboards that are globally available as Windows 7 breathes new life into the desktop PC market. There could not be a better time to launch a USB 3.0 product!"

The company's motherboards are based on X58, P55, H57, H55, P45 and P43 chipsets from Intel, as well as 790FX, 790X, 770, 785G chipsets from AMD.

USB 3.0 is up to ten times faster than the previous version, capable of data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gigabits per second.