Virgin Media To Partner With TiVo On Canvas Killer?

TiVo will be the exclusive provider of software and applications for Virgin Media according to the company's head of media relations (consumer) Asam Ahmad who was at the Ideal Home Show in London at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

Speaking to Andrew Laughlin, Technology Reporter at Digital Spy, Mr Ahmad said that both companies plan to offer something that looks strangely like BBC's own project Canvas.

The "new platform" - that's Ahmad's own words - will bring together VoD and TV programmes as well as "opening access to online functionality". TiVo recognised expertise in platform development means that we can expect things like integrated widgets and social networking features.

Ahmad even hinted at the possibility of a Canvas competitor by saying that the platform which will be based entirely on Adobe's Flash, will be "a canvas for future services".

The Virgin Media spokesperson did not rule out the possibility of adding other features including bringing in the likes of Blockbuster, Facebook, Twitter and ... Netflix (except the VoD service is not yet available in the UK).

He also spoke about the concept of TV anywhere, one which we hold close to heart, and which would allow content to be seamlessly transferred from one device to another.

This would allow the viewer to watch a movie on his laptop on the train, then come home and watch it on the big screen before going out and viewing it on his mobile phone.

We strongly believe that Virgin Media could even afford at a later stage to open its cable network to competitors just like BT did with Openreach. This would allow the company to amortise the cost of building the cable infrastructure.